Authorized Gas Tester Training

The Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) role is highly significant in testing for and ensuring safe working atmospheres, especially permit required confined spaces, and before and during the hot work.

The Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) training ensures that personnel preparing for a gas tester role are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out a gas test for oxygen levels, flammable and toxic gases safely.

The Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) also imparts the candidates with knowledge to conduct gas testing within confined spaces and awareness of associated confined space hazards.

The Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) course also provide knowledge about various gas testing equipment, their strengths and limitations, and their safe use. Delegates will get hands-on experience in testing a confined space with all precautions such as SCBA, Tripod and Safety harness from the Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) Course. Our Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) course covers…

  • The type of operations being tested for flammable and toxic gases
  • The hazards of operations within an oxygen-enriched, oxygen-deficient, toxic or flammable environment
  • Interpreting operational requirements
  • How to select, use and care for PPE and RPE
  • The strength and weaknesses of the various types of gas testing equipment
  • Operating principles of atmospheric monitoring and measuring equipment
  • Gas detector pre-start checks
  • How to document the results and advice relevant personnel
  • How to interpret the results, to include both normal and abnormal

Our Authorized Gas Detector (AGT) course has extensive hands-on practical session.

That includes use of various gas detection or monitoring systems, donning and doffing of suitable breathing apparatus, using safety belts and tripod, entry into a tank and testing the atmosphere.

Our Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) course requires 6 - 8 hours to complete its theory and practical session.

The Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) course can be conducted at our training facility or at the Client’s premises. Attendees who successfully complete the Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) course will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Empower Institute.

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